Geometrics + Culottes

One thing I absolutely love is geometric print and so when I saw these culottes in Zara I instantly fell in love. While the dominant colour in them is the red and blue, you can also team with pale baby blue sandals like I did to bring out the lighter hues in the pattern. The culottes also have a lovely button detailing at the waistline and two inverted pleated pockets on either side. The only downside for me was the length of them. This isn’t really much of a problem but for girls of the shorter side like myself I’m roughly 5”4 they might be just a little bit longer. BUT, the style and pattern of them overall outweighs the length.


When wearing busy trousers like this (anyone who knows me will know I don’t own a pair of trousers/jeans/culottes that aren’t patterned) you will most likely want to keep whatever top you wear simple, both in style and pattern. I often wear these with just a plain white crop top or like in the photo, a dark navy blue top- or anything that can bring out the more subtle tones within the culottes.

The culottes are part of Zara’s Trafaluc collection. Can’t find the link at the moment, this may be because they have sold out but if I do, I will put it in my next post!

As seen on Instagram: @bellas_blog12


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